From Mime to Sign DVD Set

//From Mime to Sign DVD Set

From Mime to Sign DVD Set


From Mime to Sign DVD Set

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Drama professor, performer, story teller and multiple Emmy winner Gil Eastman shares his unique and successful approach to teaching and learning this very visual language.

Three DVDs enhance the text, demonstrating techniques chapter by chapter. Learn to synthesize gesture, mime, facial expression and American Sign Language to truly open the door to “visual thinking”.

Signed – Captioned

Disc 1 – Chapters 1-5, 40 minutes
Disc 2 – Chapters 6-9, 50 minutes
Disc 3 – Chapters 10-11, 45 minutes

(Individual discs not available, the 3 discs are only available as a set.)

D222 3-Disc set.

ISBN (13) 978-0-932666-44-4