A Basic Course in American Sign Language DVD Series


4-disc DVD Set

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A Basic Course in American
Sign Language DVD Series
TJ Publishers is pleased to announce that the original
videotape series that accompanies the textbook, A
Basic Course in American Sign Language, is now available
in a 4-disc DVD set.
The first three DVDs in this series are designed to
illustrate and demonstrate each of the exercises and
dialogues presented in A Basic Course in American
Sign Language. Four Deaf teachers and three hearing
students provide a variety of models for the exercises.
The fourth DVD in this series presents spontaneous,
unrehearsed conversations among four Deaf adults. It
offers excellent practice in reading signs in conversation.
Topics include Mischievous Behavior, Travel
Experiences, Deaf Clubs, Name Signs, etc.
All DVDs include voice. Hearing students can utilize
sound for initial instruction, or opt to turn off the
sound to sharpen visual acuity.
Voiced, signed and captioned
Disc 1 – Lessons 1-7, 50 minutes
Disc 2 – Lessons 8-14, 48 minutes
Disc 3 – Lessons 15-22, 50 minutes
Disc 4 – Conversations, 60 minutes
(Individual discs not available, the 4 discs are only available
as a set.)
D111 4-disc set . $74.95
DVD Discount • ISBN (13) 978-0-932666-28-4



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